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                          Welcome to land Yiduo (Wuxi) Fine Chemical website, we can wholeheartedly at your service!

                        Sodium methoxide

                        Molecular formula


                        English name

                        Sodium methoxide-methanol solution

                        Molecular weight


                        Main quality index


                        Colorless to light yellow microstrip turbidity viscous liquid

                        Content of sodium methoxide﹪


                        Content of free alkali﹪



                           This product is used in the raw material of synthesis intermediate in pharmaceutical industry and pesticide industry, such as in the production of raw material of vitamin A, B, sulfadiazine, etc. Besides, it can also be used in the catalyst of edible fat and edible oil.


                        This product is transported in dry iron tank lorry, iron barrel or dry plastic barrel. The net weight of each barrel is 180kg.

                        S & T

                        It should be kept from fire, moisture, rain and heat in the S & T process. It should be stored in dry and cool warehouse, where is well ventilated. The storage period of this product is half a year.



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